We provide fast, dependable service by experienced technicians. We arrive within the appointment window that you scheduled, and we won't recommend any service that you don't need. If we can fix it without the need for new parts, that is exactly what we will do. Repeat business and customer referrals are very important to us. We are the only appliance service company that you will ever need to call for repairs. It is our goal to restore your appliance to the same working order it had on the day you brought it home. We also offer regularly scheduled maintenance on a variety of your most used appliances.

Most appliance repair companies are similar except for these 6 things...

Most hire anyone!

 A technician is only as good as his training…  Many companies lack adequate training facilities to provide their technicians with the skills and knowledge that they will need to be top-notch technicians.  Official Geeks provides their technicians with both on-the-job training and in-class training, including manuals, videos, training modules, and hands-on problem-solving practice. We demand the best from our technicians and will not settle for less!

You’ll have to leave a message

 If it’s a national company or a one-man show, it may take you several phone calls to actually speak to a company representative.  At Official Geeks, we always have a live person available to answer your call quickly.  We can answer questions about your appliance and the service call.  We want you to have a convenient and pleasant repair experience!

Most are inefficient and charge you for it… 

 If they don’t have the part, the technician has to run and get it.  This limits efficiency, complicates appointment schedules, and keeps costs high.  Official Geeks has over 250 of the fastest-moving parts on their service trucks for speedy installation and service.  We also have a fast parts delivery system that keeps our technicians doing technician work.  If a part has to be ordered in, we will call you the moment it arrives to schedule an appointment to complete the repair.

Most will make you accommodate their schedule… 

 At  Official Geeks, we do our best to schedule a time for service that’s convenient for YOU.  We start early and work late…  We perform service calls on weekends and after you get home from work – all at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Official Geeks will perform the repair in your home!  

We know it can be a real hassle to transport an appliance to have it serviced.  That’s why most all of our service calls are completed right there on the spot.  We are happy to check out multiple appliances on the same trip – just tell us what the problem is and we’ll find the solution.  If we can’t fix it, then it can’t be fixed! Our technicians are there to be helpful to you.  Ask them about the value and durability of your specific appliance, or to perform a free inspection of your dryer vent for lint build-up – plugged up vents are a fire hazard!

Many would rather sell you a new appliance than fix your existing one…   Official Geeks, we want you to be able to get the maximum value out of your existing appliances.  We don’t sell appliances, and so our technicians won’t pressure you to spend more for a new appliance when the existing one can be repaired for a fraction of the cost